Swann School

Swann School is a nonpublic school that provides year-round educational services to students between ages three and twenty-one who have severe and profound disabilities and medical needs. The school is accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education and employs licensed teachers, paraprofessionals, nurses and therapy staff.

The mission of Swann School is to promote learning, dignity and quality of life for its students in an environment that furthers individuality. As a result, all students are encouraged to participate to the fullest extent possible in their learning and in their lives.  

To help further this, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) are developed for each student in conjunction with the student’s resident public school district. The goals and objectives in the IEPs focus on motor development, self-help skills, socialization, sensory activities, communication, cognition and the use of assistive technology. Skills are developed in each classroom during one to one and small group instruction.

Sensory integration is also an important part of each and every day for the students. This integration is accomplished in many different ways including:

  • The creation of beautiful and expressive works of art through the adaptive art program.
  • Time spent in the sensory room which is specifically designed to engage the senses with lights, switches, vibration, aromatherapy, massage and sounds.
  • Participation in music via the use of adaptive instruments and through listening to both live performances and recordings.
  • The growth and nurturing of flowers, plants and vegetables during classroom horticulture activities.

In addition, participation in the community is a priority at Swann School. This is achieved during school field trips, via interactions with community volunteers in the classroom and through participation in Special Olympics and Challenger Little League baseball.