Skilled Care

An Atmosphere of Caring for the Whole Person

The staff at Swann understands the importance of caring for the medical, developmental, emotional, spiritual, educational, and social well-being of each resident. Interwoven in the fabric of Swann's philosophy is an interdisciplinary care team approach. Highly skilled professionals meet regularly with the resident and their families to discuss the progress as well as the short and long term goal of each person.

Our comprehensive service system is capable of meeting the habilitation, restorative and long-term needs of individuals who are victims of genetic disorders, birth trauma, accidents, physical abuse and/or debilitating or life threatening diseases. We provide 24-hour nursing, including intravenous therapy, gastrostomy tube feedings, plus oxygen administration and palliative/end of life care. Each resident is thoroughly evaluated on an individual and on-going basis. Physical, occupational and speech therapies are available from our trained staff.

The level of training and compassion provided by our center is rarely found in other skilled nursing facilities. Our staff consists of highly skilled and specialized nurses, therapists and nursing assistants. All members of our staff have undergone strict screenings and extensive training to ensure excellence and the highest quality of care.

Quality therapies are a vital component of the services necessary for quality care. We employ, as well as consult, with certified/registered specialists. Their skills are utilized to help with the development of Individual Program Plans and meeting the residents' identified needs. Licensed Therapists (i.e., Speech Pathologist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist) evaluate our residents and help to determine their capabilities in motor coordination, self-help, socialization, oral motor skills, and language/communication skills.

Swann also contracts with a Psychologist to help reduce maladaptive behaviors, thus assisting with integration into the community. We have weekly visits from a masseuse helping different residents with relaxation, reduction of excess muscle tone and enhancing overall health. If other specialists are determined by the team to be beneficial in the resident's growth and development - such as Psychiatrists, Rehabilitation and Wheelchair Specialists or Certified Prosthetic and Orthotic Specialists - these services are also provided.

Our staff is trained to assure that the persons served receive the highest level of skill development possible. They are trained in techniques that are necessary to give individuals every chance for successfully acquiring new skills. Likewise, staff provides active treatment so that interactions in the environment are learning experiences. Our staff members' day-to-day contact with persons served develops a rapport which only strengthens the ability to provide quality care and training.