Special Olympics State Bowling Tournament Results

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All of the Swann Special Care Center bowlers who participated in the Special Olympics State Bowling Tournament held on Saturday December 5, 2015 at Landmark Lanes in Peoria, IL had a great time. There were only 53 adaptive ramp bowlers from across the State of Illinois who qualified for this tournament. These individuals were divided into 8 divisions, with Swann having bowlers in 4 of the divisions.

Overall, all of the Swann bowlers did extremely well. However, special kudos goes to Dakota W. for winning a state championship in his division. This is only the third time since Swann started competing in Special Olympics that we have had a state champion in bowling. Complete results for the Swann team were:




Ramp 2

(7 bowlers in division)

Dakota W.

1st place (Gold Medal)

(State Champion)

Ramp 4

(8 bowlers in division)

Maegan D.

2nd place (Silver Medal)

Ramp 5

(8 bowlers in division)

Randy C.

2nd place (Silver Medal)

Ramp 7

(8 bowlers in division)

Jason D.

4th place (Ribbon)

As this is the last bowling competition for the year, we would like to take the opportunity to congratulate everyone who made it to the state tournament. It’s quite an achievement. Overall, 6000 bowlers competed across the State of Illinois at the area level in all divisions (ramp singles, men’s singles, women’s singles, doubles, and team). However, only 293 total bowlers eventually qualified for the State Tournament with only 53 ramp bowlers making it.

Also thanks to all of the other athletes who competed for Swann Special Care Center in bowling this year. These included Joe B., Melvin C., Amanda H., Kathy J., Jay K., Lovey L., Sean M., Blake M., Ana R., Rodney S., Bryant S., Jennifer T., Wayne T., and Justin T. It was an exciting and enjoyable season and they all did a great job.

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